After the first $600 earned a social security number tax ID 1099 or in-house tax sale option will be required to fulfill our obligation to governments and the IRS
Basic information is required to become an eligible authorized reseller of Mighty Mike’s DYMS (double your money systems).  T-shirts and products in order to identify you as an individual or part of a group endeavor for payment and participation measures.
Since the basic construct of DYM’s is therapeutic in nature with respect to the prevention of social abuses. Surveys will be used to communicate and assess issues within our identifiable communities. Groups can be formed from this information and with those that are willing to participate within our social and philanthropic interactions, conduct agreements group therapies and my social abreaction speeches. 
Lists will be used LIST PAGE on a voluntary basis for victims and perpetrators who decide to participate within our DYM’s guidelines lists are also available for those who would like to participate directly to encourage the success of Mighty Mike’s DYM’s and T-shirt and endeavors. that may include the hiring or bartering of labor, product or personal or professional skills, as well as legal deployments to benefit  victims of abuse, therapeutic health in-house individual and social strategies to deal with social dilemmas. In house data and financial processing, distribution, and manufacturing positions as available.
Rules Acknowledgement
I agree to follow the basic rules as a representative of Mighty Mike’s DYM’s  now and any time in the future.. I attest to my most honest ability that I have read all sections of the statements page and fully understand and agree to our collective commitment to the expulsion of exploitative behaviors and protection of social morality.

No one will be refused for answering honestly


Thank you for choosing to register with us and support our collective self dignity and protect our pursuit of well-being universally.

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