Mission Statement

Thank you for your support;

Although double your money t-shirt was designed to be a quick, effortless, money making system for all to benefit and share:

It’s true purpose is to manifest the first step in an abreaction initiated by early childhood years of physical and degrading sexual abuse perpetrated  by elate members of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club/gang , pedophile organization members, clergy, and a handful of really famous people..

Special thanks to David Mon+son my Hell’s angel babysitter, a famous entertainer, and a notorious motorcycle gang leader….

Through their grooming efforts, I became America’s first  legitimate child porn star…for four years I was the center child to a national consumer base of pedophiles…over the years droves and droves and droves of sexually novice, mature, and frustrated pedophiles would travel to Garden street  San Bernardino, CA

to watch private  sex shows and interact with me.. during those years I endured the most vile acts of human degradation and pain:: I was bound and beaten, raped, molested, prostituted, sodomized, filmed doing hard core porn with adults and other children, drugged, stuck with needles, introduced to an assortment of narcotics, mulled, hypnotized, chloroformed, and subjected to bizarre sexual rituals, as well as cruel and unusual punishments.

Double your money t-shirt is my philanthropic effort to: 1)end child abuse and alike. So that our children are completely protected ..So that what I have felt and endured will cease to exist within our cultures, these exploits I wish on no victim or undeserving individual.

2) raise the level of subsistence and provide therapeutic measures to subside violence and anger in our community and homes; as well as gain financial & kinesthetic support from the normal public in my own endeavors. 3) to defend and protect victims of abuse by:

€ educating the public with my knowledge  of pedophilic activity throughout our communities within our nations’

£ use of legal and investigative technologies to restrain pedophilic activity

£ solicit restitution for myself and other victims alike

£ segregate the pedophile population  from the general public

€ initiate strategies to lobby and legally reclassify pedophiles and perpetrators alike through research and other means,  as diseased, medically Ill, terroristic and/or occult, and candidates to be committed to a behavior asylum’s

€ provide positive reinforcement strategies to shape healthier behaviors with in our communities

€ provide research and counseling , mental health services to those perpetrators who volunteer and admit to their travesties as well as exhibit their willingness to function as a normal human being.

Purpose Statement

DYMS= Double Your Money Systems


1) aid in my own endeavors to solicit evidence create and aggressive legal battalion to support the interest for myself and other victims as well as aid developing strategies to eliminate pedophile and perpetrator populations


2) use DYMS as a means to abreact as a consequence of severe childhood sexual and physical abuse, as well as utilize its popularity to publicly communicate to personal perpetrators and active perpetrators throughout our nations’ communities.


3) use all means necessary to foster and promote innocence, positive growth, and well being for our nations’ children


4) use behavior modification techniques to shape healthy behaviors surrounding our youth and eliminate degrading behaviors towards our children and other adult humans


5) utilize client inventory information to
        a.) Assess and categorize DYMS populations into like minded groups
        b.) promote positive change, identify agents and variables that support and maintain abusive behaviors
        c.) develop strategies to decrease aggressive abusive behaviors.


6) use DYMS to raise capitol and target specific efforts revolving around declining substance levels, child support, homeless, addictive behaviors, and uninsurable medical conditions, such as obesity

General Rules

XXX… I have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason…XXX


1) always present yourself in the most positive Manor

  1. No smoking cigarettes
  2. No excessive use of alcohol or other abusive substance
  3. No profanity around children or others that may be offended by it.

R.1.. if three people ask you take off your shirt due to your Ill  behavior…do it to avoid possible termination

2.) as a representative of DYMS you must maintain your composure to solicit favorable experiences with others

  1. You must possess the ability to present yourself to be well groomed and hygiene
  2. You must have the ability to subside any feelings of anger and aggression towards another living organism including humans and animals
  3. You must be aware of your environment especially a foreign or new one that you have become part of.. prepare for any negative circumstances, potential conflicts, or abusive conditions…
  4. Positively reinforce behaviors  that trend towards positive growth and deescalate a potential conflicts or abusive behaviors
  5. Be aware of pedophilic activity within our communities and protect our youth from agents of social demise

3) do not walk on casino property with my t-shirt on.

  1. If you must gamble use the money earned from your normal everyday activities…NOT your earnings from DYMS..


  Casinos are related to the mob..

   The mob sponsors prostitution, human trafficking, and the degradation of human well-being and positive growth

  Within every realm of prostitution there is a kiddie corner..

   Sponsoring  these associations and their activity is a direct conflict of interest of Mighty Mike philosophies, strategies, efforts, endeavors and goals. Association  with these individuals exhibiting conflict of interest will be terminated. 

4) do not quit your job

  1. Everybody plays an integral and important role within society to maintain it’s level of functionally.. the demand for products and necessities most equals the supply for services rendered.. if every body retires early …no one will be left to do the work
  2. b) if you have to quit due to DYMS.. find someone to replace your position.
  3. c) DYMS has a volunteer and roster of various  job specialist and in-house positions for clients that may make over certain caps and may place them at a few times or more over their current incomes. These individuals can fill where needed in their field of expertise in via mighty mike labor sponsorships or join in specific efforts that may require licensure such as cosmetic surgery, behavior medicine, manufacture of a specific product or help build a city

5) respect me, my associates, our philanthropic efforts and anyone else that deserves it.

MM Risk Statement

1) DYMS is created to generate capitol to upgrade and maintain our quality of life and substance as well as safer community environments


2) one goal of DYMS is to be able to substitute easily made low risk income with income created by illegal immoral human degradative behaviors and crimes in an effort to weed out such behaviors


3) DYMS is not created to support illegal activity, fund drug dealers and alike who’s products contribute to the demise of our society and youth


4) those individuals/entities that cannot show congruence to DYMS rules of conduct and philosophies may/will be denied DYMS opportunities and may be held liable for acts of degradation toward individuals

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