How It Works


– Register and obtain user name


– “BUY-OFF THE FLYER” one style of shirt at listed denomination, then sell 4 of the same style of shirt at the same denomination Double Your Money; after the fourth sell…


– Quick and easy is a 50/50 split between me (the house) and you (my client) of shirt sell revenues where you get to keep your half and I spend mine on specific of Double Your Money shirts


– After that our next 2 more sell profits are dedicated to the IRS to pay your shirt taxes


– House profits fund specific purpose shirts


– Matching once a shirt goal is reached I may place it on vacation meaning a larger percent of profits are kept sovereign a client can match a percentage of their shirt profits to add to the philanthropic specific shirt capitol, which will increase the amount of sell that the client needs to double in the event I place a shirt on vacation I do not with withdraw the matched 

A. Once you double you can cash out/take your money and or buy new shirts

B. Resubmit to a cap after your shirt cycle you can make any combination of listed denominations to reach your cap


-Cash out after any consecutive sell

Start Buying and Selling Today